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  Onstream Media's Streaming Publisher® is a comprehensive web-publishing cloud solution that provides clients of all sizes with an affordable, easy-to-use system for streaming live and on demand video to iPhones, iPads, Androids and BlackBerry devices.  


Simply upload your video and we do the rest, providing you with one universal link for each asset. Our system detects which device your customer is using and delivers that video in the appropriate format and wrapper. It's that easy!


Our mobile streaming video service is device agnostic, enabling adaptive and segmented streaming to all popular mobile devices using Akamai's Content Delivery Network in all the popular formats. With the power of adaptive streaming, users will always receive the highest quality that their device and connection speed will permit; and if their connection changes during viewing, the video will automatically and smoothly adjust up or down in order to retain an optimal viewing experience.



After uploading a single file, we identify it as a Mobile Video File and then transcode the file via Streaming Publisher Workflows into all the different file formats for mobile devices. All your digital assets are stored as one Mobile Video Object/s [MVO] in Streaming Publisher which means you do not have to manage separate files.

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